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Animation Commission $$$$$$$

Posted by golfinho - May 13th, 2011

I charge approximately 25-50$ per minute of animation.
(with my limitations)
i really need money, help me.
PM me or send a email for yoshiboshi_puiz@hotmail.com

Animation Commission $$$$$$$

Comments (16)

but I dont want to fuel your weird ass animations

This is called proper style.

Make it 25-50 Cents per minute and you've got a deal.

I do not produce cheap Japanese animation

im broke as joke- but dont give up hope your dope
cope with the stress,and go do your best!!!!!!111


life in the favela should be hard for you

I live in a forest, here people are lean and healthy

Look go search for an media Company show some of your work if they dislike the nature, convince them you can animate without getting nasty(i do not mind it i like your style) Go look for an company with a media branch look around. your town. but a city 100% has at least one company how does something with media. look ask loom on the Internet use Google(maps)

I know i don't know jack shit about Brazil, other than that at some places you could let your door open, and in some places it is strongly adviced not to go there. but it is an big country it has to have media company's

good idea.

Hey... can you check out my youtube? I need moar viewers.
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/J3DoesLife">http://www.youtube.com/J3DoesLife</a>


You should join the Clock Crew.

i think no is a good idea

That is insanely cheap. I might send you a pm.

is a temporary promotion, and I could not compete with the big ones like you.

Go to study some thing and get a job

hey faggot, i never study but i am a amazing postman

Sorry to see you hurting like this, Golf, you're surely one of the most unique and talented animators on NG. Working for Harry a bit might at least get you some cash, and seeing as nobody else seems to be biting, it might be a good idea, even if temporary.

Either way, do what you have to to be financially stable, and best of luck to you in doing so.


I just need some money to buy a nintendo3ds.
i already got $ 25 in 1 day.

Actually when I saw this entry I thought you weren't financially stable too.
Although I love your flashes, I can't give you money (needed for my studies).

So long, dolphin of my perverted dreams...

Have I told you ride a website or blog ... holy shit ... you already are ... proficional I'm after that ass on? ... (T__T) ... Do what you will see how you're going and get along ... \,, /

And what we supposed to do exactly?

So why would anyone pay you for your animation when you haven't really made anything worth the amount quoted?

Catholic High School Girls in Trouble.

Animate that and I will pay.


Haha, fuck you

$35/4min sounds better.